• Image of Maglor - "Asunder" Cassette

Pro-dubbed cassette with direct imprint, full color 2-sided J card, includes digital download. Limited to 100 copies.

Emerging from the depths of the darkest forests, the deepest halls, and beyond the towering mountains, MAGLOR summons forth sounds of long forgotten ages with "ASUNDER".

Seeking to capture the very essence of the Old World, the 3 piece outfit from Calgary, AB, Canada have created their own sound within the atmospheric folk/black metal scene. Thundering heathen rhythms meet melodies of the woodlands in this sprawling epic release.

For fans of Summoning, Moonsorrow, Kampfar

"Wondrous and mystifying folk sounds... complement the black metal elements perfectly to create and overall wondrous, cold, melancholic, and powerful sound."
-Cadaver Garden