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Sol Sistere - Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum Cassette


Image of Sol Sistere - Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum Cassette

Formed in Santiago, Chile in 2013 and releasing their debut EP, "I", the following year, Sol Sistere quickly set the stage for their masterful debut full length "Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum", released by Hammerheart Records in 2016. Seamlessly combining raw black metal soundscapes with melancholic melodies and emotions, their debut album represents a journey through another world, pushing the boundaries of modern post/atmospheric black metal.

1. Death Knell 07:22

2. Relentless Ascension 06:12

3. Deliver Us 06:50

4. Sight Of The Oracle 07:30

5. Degraded Soul 05:46

6. Towards The Morning Sun 01:56

7. 6th Replicant 06:12

8. Seeker Of Souls 07:44