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Seax - "Speed Metal Mania" Cassette

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Timeworn Records

"Formed in 2009, Seax remain champions of the New England scene. The Worcester, Massachusetts Speed Metal quintet has made quite an impression with their constant DIY touring and is well-known for the rowdy live shows, as well as their outrageously reckless Drink, Fuck and Die attitude. Timeworn Records is thrilled to announce the release their 3rd album, Speed Metal Mania, which is by far their best to date. Over 40 minutes of Pounding Speed Metal, played Fast and Loud, Showing No Mercy to Wimps and Posers!"


Side Speed
1. Speed Metal Mania
2. Forged by Metal
3. Leather and Spikes
4. Fall to the Hammer

Side Metal
1. Wastelands
2. Doomsday Society
3. Nuclear Overdose
4. Evil Mistress
5. Possessed by the Axe
6. Speed Forever