• Image of REVENGE - "Spitting Fire" Cassette

Austenitized Records

“SPITTING FIRE” is the Seventh (7th) album of Revenge.
Recording, mixed & mastering at Athanator's Studios in Medellin – Colombia, august 2017, under the evil eye of Mr Jaime Ocampo. All Lyrics by Esteban Mejia “Hellfire”. All Songs by Esteban Mejia “Hellfire”, except “Wild Till Death” by Daniel Hernandez “Hell Avenger”. Arraigments by Jorge Rojas “Seth” and Esteban Muñoz “Night Crawler” & Revenge. Art Concept by REVENGE, Art illustrated by Felipe Mora and CD designs by Milton Pardo & Blues Publicidad.
Photo session was made in San Antonio de Prado – Colombia, Villa Pato Farmhouse, Sept 2017 by Juanchope Studio, Santiago Mejia “Pato” & Carlos Vargas.
Produced Rata Mutante Records 2017. All Rights Reserved"