• Image of Possessor - "The Ripper" Cassette

The latest murderous rampage from London's POSSESSOR! ‘The Ripper’ is a short sharp blast of slasher thrash for fans of High On Fire, Slayer, Unsane, Darkthrone and Nirvana.

1. Conjure and Possess 04:16
2. Guillotine 03:06
3. Wet Cemetery 04:15
4. The Slime 03:05
5. Whitechapel Murders 04:32
6. Lava 05:24
7. Notting Hell 01:24
8. Hacksaw 03:20
9. Earth Shaker 04:59

Pro dubbed cassettes limited to 100 copies.

"There isn’t a bad song on this album, each track is crafted out of pure heavy metal, tempered in the forges of thrash and decorated with the blood of all the weak that went before it."
Prog Metal Madness

"Barreling out of your speakers as loud and fuzzed out as possible is Possessor with their brand new full length appropriately titled The Ripper. Sludge, thrash, punk, a dash of old-school doom and even more make up the fuzzed out, speaker bursting sound for Possessor... Through nine brand new tracks you are gifted with venomous, thrashy, sludge filled metal that will end up blowing up your speakers. The Ripper is the type of record that needs to be cranked up as high as it possibly can and listened to with complete recklessness."
Cadaver Garden

Recorded by Sam Thredder at The Cro's Nest, October 2017.
CD and tapes will be available in the UK from Wicked Lester Records.