• Image of Nightfear - "Cryptasm" EP Cassette

Pro-dubbed cassette, same audio both sides. Includes digital download code. Second printing, white shells with black imprint.

Crossover/Death Metal

1. Sacrificial Mutilation 02:24
2. Hellzone 03:09
3. The Blade 03:10
4. Evil Form 02:47
5. What Satan Sees 02:20

"Heavy fucking metal at its finest is all you are going to get... Raw as an open wound... Songs that will have the zombies grooving in their graves!!!"
Cvlt Nation

"[Cryptasm] draws parallels between the rawness found in both hardcore punk and death metal. The gritty, buzzing guitar tones of OSDM make brief appearances but much of the effort exudes a thrashing, punk fury built many decades ago."
Metal Injection